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Jordon Steele jsteele at jhu.edu
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I second (third?) the logic that the container indicator should exactly follow the volume label on the spine. So container type=Volume, container indicator=1-5 (1st series).

This may not work with your workflow, but two additional suggestions:

*         Barcode each volume and add the barcodes to the container records so that staff can track them as such OR

*         Put each volume in a custom box and barcode the box.



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I would prefer whatever enumeration had been used to label the pieces to avoid confusion for the patron.  For example, if the pieces are labeled v. 1-10 but your finding aid has series 1, v. 1-5 and series 2, v. 1-5, the patron is likely to be confused if they ask for series 2, v. 1 and get volume 6 when it's paged.

If there's no label and/or you get to re-label, I recommend using the Arrangement note to explain that there are two series with 5 volumes each, e.g.
Series 1, vol. 1-5 shelved as v. 1-5
Series 2, vol. 1-5 shelved as v. 6-10

Then do top containers as v. 1-10

This is similar to what we do in the catalog for serials and monographs, i.e. a summary holdings statement followed by actual item records/barcodes for which volumes the library holds.

--Miloche Kottman
University of Kansas Libraries

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I'm in the process of retrospectively adding top containers to all of our 800,000+ archival objects. A large number of our collections are in volume format, housed on shelves as is, not in boxes. I'm wondering how folks are handling these types of "containers" in AS.

Just for an example, the Jared Sparks papers consists of 10 individual volumes, which if these were boxes, of course would be Boxes 1-10. However, the material is a two part series, each consisting of 5 volumes each and referred to on spines as volumes 1-5 (1st series) and another volumes 1-5 (2nd series). I'm disinclined to give them top containers Volumes 1-10 and I don't want to have two Volume 1 Top Containers in the same collection. Any advise on how to make this clear to users and manageable on the back end?

Thanks in advance,
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