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If I was a betting man I'd bet you're trying to print something with an AMPERSAND in it someplace?
What's in the logs?
That 404 is to be expected, you can't link directly to the print page like that, it needs to be a POST from the other page.
I can't tell if you're just hitting the 404 thing, or both the 404 thing and the ampersand thing.
There's a bunch of JIRAs about the darn ampersands.
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Hi again, helpful people!
We have been plagued by a PDF generating issue and would appreciate your help!  We’re on 2.5.1 and when we try to generate a PDF from the PUI, we regularly get the "We're sorry, but something went wrong” message.  We can generate it from the staff side, but obviously this doesn’t help our researchers.
Sample collection: https://as.lib.msu.edu/repositories/2/resources/1983

Sample PDF:
Apparently this is a 404 error and doesn’t appear in our Apache error logs.  My IT person thinks it’s an error with the way the “print” URL is being generated.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Any advice?  Thanks!

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