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Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Thu Apr 4 13:25:28 EDT 2019

Hi Hilary,

You can apply extent subrecords at any level of description in ArchivesSpace.  Although we still need to add some translation values (as you’ll no doubt notice if you click on the following link), I’ll point you to an example of a single U-matic tape that’s in one of the Beinecke finding aids: https://archives.yale.edu/repositories/11/archival_objects/610224 *

Although we could store this information in a dimensions note or elsewhere, we’ve gone with the option of putting it into an extent statement since it was desired to keep this information as structured (and machine-actionable) as possible.  And to do that, we added the following extent type to the extent type controlled value list, which you can do directly in the staff interface:  duration_HH:MM:SS.mmm

For a lot of use cases, though, I’d assume that separating out the duration into its own field would not be needed.

I’m also curious how others are handling this type of information in ArchivesSpace.


* the display looks a bit better in our PDF:

Rules of the Game, Act 1
Call Number: YCALMSS421_0001
1 Videocassette (U-matic)
duration: 01:02:45

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Good morning (or afternoon, depending on where you are),

I was wondering if anyone else came across this issue:

In our collection we have many videos where the length of time of the video is important information. However, there is no field to add the length of the videos in ArchivesSpace. Extent wouldn’t work, as it is the physical size of the collection (in boxes or gigabytes etc) whereas I’m looking to have the length of time for the individual videos.

How are other archives handling this type of metadata?

Thanks so much!

Hilary Clifford
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
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Public Health Division
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