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For our deployment, we have F5 load-balancers. I configured an F5 virtual server object, that listens on port 443 (SSL/HTTPS) for the public interface and additional virtual servers for each respective port for each interface Staff, Backend, Solr. I elected to use 443 for the public interface for ease of use for customers using AS.

http:// <AS_URL>:8081/

The F5 NATs the “Client” connection to the “AS server”, with the connection between the “F5” and the “AS server” still being unencrypted (F5 acting as a HTTPS proxy).

I modified the config.rb to configure the application to use a different set of ports for the F5 connections to the server, while the client connections to the F5 use AS default ports (with the exception of 443 for the public interface), then I wrote a HTTP URI rewrite rule (called an iRule in F5 land) to re-write HTTP requests as HTTPS while maintaining the original requested URI string.

The path is:
Client <-- HTTPS --> F5 <-- HTTP --> AS Server

For the traffic between the F5 and the AS Server, the server is postured on our network in a way that we aren’t concerned about unencrypted traffic on the wire.

Referring back to AS documentation; if you use the Apache or some other method, you can install the proxy application on the same host as the AS server, and unencrypted traffic is never put onto the wire or leaves the server hosting the AS application, which is always preferred.


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There is limited documentation in the README_HTTPS.md file.


The technical documentation team has plans for enhancing this documentation in 2018. You might reach out to one of its members if you're having trouble with the configuration.


Regards, Jason

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On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 3:57 PM, Brian Slenk <slenkb at hope.edu<mailto:slenkb at hope.edu>> wrote:

I have a new installation of an archives space server.   Is there a way with the Apache Solr web server to add an SSL wildcard certificate, and then redirect http to https for the the public interface ?  I am not finding documentation if this is possible.


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