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Kari R Smith smithkr at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 16 14:58:21 EDT 2014

Hi Ed,
Not sure if this is the answer, but you might try it.  It seems that unless you use Boolean searching, you get all partial hits as well.  Try "2014-*" in the search box and see if that narrows the results.


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Brad provided some help on how to add Identifier as a column in Accessions. I then entered in the Accessions Filter By box A-2014- with the intent of finding all the accessions with Identifiers with A-2014- but received much more. (see attached) We use the convention A.YYYY.nnnn for accessions number. In the migration from AT, this was changed to A-YYYY-nnnn. I'm trying to find the last number used so that I can create a new accession with the correct number. I can't just go to the last as our previous numbering system, UAnnnnn is there.

So, why is it displaying so many results? I don't see any obvious matches that would make a match. And two, can we change the number of results displayed per page?

Ed Busch
Electronic Records Archivist
University Archives & Historical Collections
Michigan State University
buschedw at msu.edu<mailto:buschedw at msu.edu>

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