[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Collection CSV export

Paul Sutherland psutherland at amphilsoc.org
Thu May 11 17:03:47 EDT 2023

Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to export a CSV of all the Archival Objects under a
specific Resource (collection). The goal would be to generate a CSV of
every child archival object (through all levels of hierarchy*), including
all fields that have been filled for each archival object. Essentially the
opposite of the CSV import function.

Specific use cases include making folder labels, producing reports on
collections' objects, transforming the data for other purposes, running
large granular searches, etc.

I've looked around plugins and custom reports and nothing appears to match
this exactly. I wanted to reach out to the community here to see if anyone
has created such a tool.

There are a couple of ways I can see this being implemented:

   - a button on the Resource level for Download CSV, under Export

[image: image.png]

   - a version of Report. Report lets you produce a CSV of every archival
   object in the repository but it's limited to 50000 results and doesn't let
   you narrow down by parent, as far as I can see.

Thank you for your help,

(*it could also be all immediate children of a specific archival object
rather than only the resource level, though this doesn't interact as
apparently neatly with the rest of the interface).

*Paul Sutherland* (he/his)
Archivist of Indigenous Materials
Center for Native American and Indigenous Research
Library & Museum
American Philosophical Society
105 S. 5th Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19406
cnair at amphilsoc.org

*I respectfully acknowledge that I work and reside in Lenapehoking, the
homeland of the Lenape people in past, present, and future generations. I
am grateful for the past and ongoing generosity of numerous Indigenous
communities and individuals who have offered guidance, expertise, and
opportunities for collaboration that make my work possible. *

Learn more about ...
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Science <https://www.amphilsoc.org/visit-museum>, *open until December 30,
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