[Archivesspace_Users_Group] OAI Harvesting issues with 3.2.0

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Tue Mar 29 11:57:23 EDT 2022

We have set up a test server running ArchivesSpace 3.2.0. As required, that
means a separate Solr instance which I've installed on the same server.

Most things have gone OK, but we are seeing some timeout issues with OAI
harvesting tests. The harvest will address a few of the records but
regularly receives "Internal Server Error" messages. What seems to be
happening is that we are hitting certain records which time out. We've
tried skipping over such records to see if it was just a bad record, but
that will simply cause a failure a bit further down the line. Our time out
is set for 20 minutes, which should be plenty of time. So these timeouts
don't make much sense.

These records are harvesting without similar issues on our 2.8.1 instance,
so I would not expect this to be a record issue directly. Could it be
something about how we have set up Solr? I see no errors in any of our
ArchivesSpace or Solr logs, so I'm not sure how to debug this. Any


*Tom Hanstra*
*Sr. Systems Administrator*
hanstra at nd.edu
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