[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding columns to Harvard spreadsheet importer

Anna Haywood ahaywood at cca.qc.ca
Mon Mar 28 13:19:52 EDT 2022

Hello Bri,

You can definitely do this. We have added lots of extra columns to our spreadsheet (particularly for notes that weren't already there. You just need to copy the exact same format as the previous columns for the ArchivesSpace field codes found in Row 4. One column has the note contents and the other has the publish yes or no value. The field codes follow the format n_[note type] for note contents and p_[note type] for publish true/false. For the [note type], you must use the exact value (and not the translation) for that note type, found in the ASpace Controlled Value Lists: Note Singlepart Type (note_singlepart_type) or Note Multipart Type (note_multipart_type).

For instance, if you wanted to add columns for the note type Accruals: Add 1 column with the ArchivesSpace field code n_accruals and add 1 column with the ArchivesSpace field code p_accruals.



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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if it's possible/ advisable to add columns to the spreadsheet template? For example, there are not columns for Note Labels in the spreadsheet even though the fields exist in ArchivesSpace.


Bri McLaughlin, she/her/hers
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