[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Spreadsheet error translation

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This was a bit of a error "Turducken"... it's an error bug hiding the error.
It was in older versions (maybe < 2.8?) and was fixed in a newer version (2.8.1 maybe?).
If I'm remembering correctly an error is raised and that 'pretty_inspect' barfs on it and rather than showing the error, it just shows the pretty_inspect error.
If I'm remembering correctly, again, the real error shows up in the logs, so take a look there for the real problem.

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Can anyone tell me what {"error":"undefined method `pretty_inspect' for #"} is indicating when I try and load a spreadsheet? Because of size limitations I had to divide up a subseries; I get this error when I try to add the next segment. Thank you.


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