[Archivesspace_Users_Group] PUI Ordering and Sorting Issue

松山 ひとみ matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp
Thu Apr 28 04:44:57 EDT 2022

Thank you Andrew!

Our IT says we’ve already been using an external Solr 8.11 with ArchivesSpace 3.0.1, not the one built-in.
We’re thinking of upgrading our AS to 3.2.0. Do you think we will get a better result?


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Are you using the built-in Solr search engine that comes with ArchivesSpace 3.0.1? If so, your sorting problems could be because it uses a very old version, because newer ones aren't compatible with the method of embedding it in a bigger application. But there is the option to configure ArchivesSpace to use an external Solr service:


That allows you to run a more up-to-date version, which would enable use of the solr.ICUCollationField class for sort fields. That can be adjusted to sort different languages according to their own sorting rules, as described here:


ArchivesSpace 3.2.0 removes the built-in Solr, so running an external Solr service will be necessary if you upgrade in the future.

As for adding the option to sort on identifiers, I don't think there is a configuration option or simple interface for adding them. But it would probably be possible to develop a plug-in to override certain Ruby methods in the core code to do it.


On 27/04/2022 11:04, 松山 ひとみ wrote:
Hello all,

We’ve been stuck in the “ordering and sorting” issue in [~/repositories/resources]. Our AS is version 3.0.1.
Presumably, because we use Japanese Character, our resource list cannot be displayed in a right, alphabetical order when sorted by Title.

Could we add Identifier to the category of sorting; Relevance/Title(Asc/Desc)/Year(Asc/Desc), as alternative?
We’d very much appreciate you helping solve our issue!

All the best,
Hitomi Matsuyama, Audiovisual Archivist

Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka
4-3-1 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0005 JAPAN
tel. +81 (0)6 64 79 05 58
email. matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp<mailto:matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp>


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