[Archivesspace_Users_Group] "?" being added unexpectedly to Digital Object File URIs

Benn Joseph benn.joseph at northwestern.edu
Mon Apr 11 18:35:06 EDT 2022

Thanks Andrew! That was indeed the issue—we had a modified _digital.html.erb file in our plugin for the public front end, definitely from an earlier release. Not sure why it was there, but hopefully this issue will be resolved once our hosting service removes it.


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You say your system in running 2.8.1. But does it have any plug-ins installed which contain a modified _digital.html.erb template based on an older release? A question mark is added by web browsers when submitting a HTML form with no input fields. And that is exactly what the non-thumbnail digital object button was until the 2.3.0 release, when this change was made:



On 06/04/2022 17:03, Benn Joseph wrote:
Hi all,
We just discovered something unexpected when creating Digital Object Instances, which is that when a DO Instance is constructed without a thumbnail URL--i.e. the DO Instance just has a single file version and it’s the link to the actual thing—ArchivesSpace adds a “?” to the end of that URL when a user clicks on it in the public interface. For instance, if the File URI is “http://www.cnn.com”<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/www.cnn.com**B__;4oCd!!Dq0X2DkFhyF93HkjWTBQKhk!C1dTr5bIHKA2lrxgVlJ7XPePanGqtqT8FHXFKzfjR2nzCqJ0uvMGuCZXCyJll0Yjs54P-pEk$>, then clicking this link in the PUI will take you to “http://www.cnn.com/?”<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/www.cnn.com/?**B__;4oCd!!Dq0X2DkFhyF93HkjWTBQKhk!C1dTr5bIHKA2lrxgVlJ7XPePanGqtqT8FHXFKzfjR2nzCqJ0uvMGuCZXCyJll0YjszaW0NHE$> .

The CNN website still works with that question mark, but when we use an ARK to link to a record in our digital repository,



…which is an entirely separate page.

Is this a bug, or is this supposed to be happening? If it’s a bug I can submit a ticket. We’re on version 2.8.1.


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