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ArchivesSpace Update - April 2021


We put out a second release candidate for ArchivesSpace v3.0.0<https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/releases/tag/v3.0.0-RC2> in mid-April. While v3.0.0 continues to center around the expansion of the agents module, in the period between the two release candidates we were able to include bug fixes and improvements in some other areas of the application that were contributed by community developers and program team developers and contractors. For spreadsheet fans, the developers and archivists at Harvard University have contributed another feature, this one focused on adding top containers and associated information to existing archival objects. With this feature, a user will download a file of archival objects for a resource, add top container information outside the application, and then import the information into the resource record, from the Load via Spreadsheet area. Some draft documentation for this feature written by Harvard staff is available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/10poB5BDwgEWGYwrfLgkfy_sOjkhmbvStDat_BIm6ucw/edit?usp=sharing. Also included among the community contributions are additional performance, backend and staff interface improvements courtesy of work Hudson Molonglo developers James Bullen, Mark Triggs, and Payten Giles did for Queensland State Archives as part of a larger project.

Testing of the second release candidate is finishing up, after which we expect to put out the 3.0.0 release.

Membership Renewals

ArchivesSpace is developed by and for the community that uses it, and strengthened by services and activities that support our community and connect us to one another. As we get close to the end of another membership year, we want to give a special thanks to all of the institutions that have joined us as members. ArchivesSpace membership is our primary source of revenue and informs and sustains every aspect of the program, including software development, support and engagement. Thanks for all that your support makes possible.

ArchivesSpace membership renewals for 2021-2022 will be sent to all current members during the first two weeks of May 2021. If you have any questions, or if you would like to join as a new member for the 2021-2022 membership year, please let us know at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>. We look forward to another year working together.

Webinar Announcement: Managing AV Materials in ArchivesSpace

When: May 19, 2021
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. - 12:00pm PT)
Where: Zoom

 Registration: https://lyrasis.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Zp3vy-SZQTeWZV6qI_gh5Q

This webinar will be recorded and made available on the ArchivesSpace YouTube channel.

Webinar description:

In this webinar, archivists working with audiovisual materials and ArchivesSpace will discuss how their shared experiences have led them to help and bolster one another's work in ArchivesSpace and in managing audiovisual materials.  They'll discuss the specific projects they have worked  on to describe audiovisual materials in ArchivesSpace.

First, Siobhan Hagan of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive (MARMIA) will discuss the work of the Association of Moving Image Archivists's Regional Audiovisual Archives Committee overall and how this work has led to collaborative working relationships across the group.

Next, Megan McShea will speak about her work creating the Archives of American Art's Guidelines to Processing Collections with Audiovisual Material<https://www.aaa.si.edu/documentation/guidelines-for-processing-collections-with-audiovisual-material>, and then how her perspective changed while working with MARMIA's massive WJZ-TV Collection, where they are using ArchivesSpace to transform their inherited Word document videotape inventories into searchable, actionable collection description.

Then, Jamie Marie Wagner of University of Colorado Boulder Libraries will speak about how she adapted the Guidelines to Processing Collections with Audiovisual Material for her institution, plus some specific challenges they have come across and tips and tricks for others.

Finally, Hannah Wiatt Davis of Florida State University Libraries will speak about the process of migrating to ArchivesSpace, the subsequent cleanup of data, and their initial experimentations with the Assessment Module for AV materials.

A Q&A will follow all presentations.

Presenter Information:

Siobhan C. Hagan holds her M.A. in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP) from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and has worked in a variety of collecting organizations throughout her career, including the UCLA Library, the National Aquarium, and the Smithsonian Institute. She is currently the Project Manager of the Memory Lab Network at the DC Public Library and is the Founder and CEO of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive (MARMIA). She has been active as a member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA): she is currently co-chair of the Local TV Task Force, co-chair of the Regional Audio-Visual Archives Committee, is a member of the Election Committee, and was an AMIA Director of the Board from 2015-2017.

Megan McShea is an independent archivist in Baltimore, MD, currently focused on community archives, audiovisual archives, digitization planning, and digital asset management. Prior to that, she was the Audiovisual Archivist at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. She is the author of AAA's Guidelines to Processing Collections with Audiovisual Material<https://www.aaa.si.edu/documentation/guidelines-for-processing-collections-with-audiovisual-material>, and teaches the workshop Arrangement and Description of Audiovisual Materials for the Society of American Archivists<https://www2.archivists.org/prof-education/course-catalog/arrangement-and-description-of-audiovisual-materials>. She currently serves on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive<http://www.marmia.org/>.

Jamie Marie Wagner is the first dedicated Moving Image Archivist in the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries' Rare and Distinctive Collections. Since 2019, she has overseen the Libraries' archival film and video material, as well as collections related to Colorado media history and American experimental filmmaking. She holds an MA in Film and MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently the Rocky Mountain area representative to the AMIA Regional Audio-Visual Archives Committee and Continuing Education Coordinator for the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists.

Hannah Wiatt Davis is the Preservation Librarian at Florida State University Libraries, where she leads and directs collection management and preservation efforts in the Special Collections & Archives division. She also serves as the ArchivesSpace Technical Lead for FSU's six repositories, and is a founding member and chair of the Society of Florida Archivists ArchivesSpace Working Group.

Who should attend:

Anyone using or interested in using ArchivesSpace to manage their AV materials.

Applications due today! - ArchivesSpace Member Match Program

Applications for the ArchivesSpace Member Match program are due today, April 30, 2021.

The Member Match program is an initiative to engage the ArchivesSpace membership community, created and organized by the Member Engagement sub-team of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council, with support from the ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator. The program is intended to be a resource and venue for peer-to-peer support between ArchivesSpace members. For one, year-long term, participants will be matched with a member with whom they can receive and offer professional insight, advice, and comradery. The program will also offer participants the opportunity to engage in exclusive events and enlightening discussions about ArchivesSpace and its active user community.


Any individual affiliated with an ArchivesSpace member organization is eligible to participate in the ArchivesSpace MemberMatch program and there is no limit to the number of individuals from a member organization that may participate.

If you are unsure of your organization's ArchivesSpace membership status, visit https://archivesspace.org/community/whos-using-archivesspace or email ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>.

To Apply

There is a short application to complete at https://airtable.com/shr1nE3RWpR7Y78En.

Applications should be submitted by April 30. Applicants will be notified of their matches no later than June 30.

To Learn More

Visit the Member Match wiki: https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2198568994/ArchivesSpace+Member+Match+Program

The ArchivesSpace Member Engagement Sub-team conducted an informational webinar on March 10th.  You can find a link to the recording of this webinar on the Member Match wiki.

Please feel free to direct any questions to ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org

<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>

-Sent on behalf of the ArchivesSpace Member Engagement sub-team

Kate Blalack, American Song Archive

Regina Carra, American Folk Art Museum

Bailey Hoffner, University of Oklahoma

Ashley Knox, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Brittany Newberry, Atlanta University Center and ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council Chair

Jessica Crouch, ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator

Training Announcement: ArchivesSpace Community-wide Training May 11, 13, 18, and 20, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the 4-session ArchivesSpace basics training being offered on May 11, 13, 18, and 20.  Registration for this training is currently full.  We look forward to a great first community-wide training.

Information about this ArchivesSpace community-wide training program is available at https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2331148319/ArchivesSpace+Community-Wide+Virtual+Training.

ArchivesSpace Trainers Corps Office Hour

Thank you to everyone who came to the first ArchivesSpace Office Hour on April 19th at 2pm ET/11am PT. Members of the ArchivesSpace Trainers Corps offered a demonstration of how to create a thumbnail image of a digital object in the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface and answered a variety of questions about managing digital objects in ArchivesSpace.

Notes from this Office Hour are available at https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2406940940/2020-4-19+ArchivesSpace+Trainers+Corps+Office+Hour?focusedCommentId=2458976262#comment-2458976262.

Webinar Recording Available: Implementing the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials at Northern Arizona University

Thank you to everyone who attended our most recent webinar on Implementing the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials at Northern Arizona University. In this webinar, Sam Meier, Cindy Summers, and Liz Garcia will discuss the ongoing efforts of Northern Arizona University's Cline Library Special Collections and Archives to implement the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials<https://www2.nau.edu/libnap-p/index.html>; their vision for applying the Protocols to archival arrangement and description as well as rearrangement and redescription; logistical, technological, and resource issues with regards to updating legacy archival description in ArchivesSpace; and the design, implementation, and progress to date of the Archival Description Internship developed to help make this work possible.

To watch the recording of this webinar, visit https://archivesspace.org/archives/6770.

Thank You for a Successful 3rd Annual ArchivesSpace Online Forum!

Over 500 people representing 14 different countries attended the third annual ArchivesSpace Online Forum, which took place from March 29-31. Links to recordings and presentations are now online at https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2146992129/ArchivesSpace+Online+Forum+2021.

Membership Update

We are excited to welcome our newest members to our community! Our new members since March 31 include:

  *   Austin History Center (Austin, TX)
  *   Baker University (Baldwin City, KS)
  *   Grand Rapids Public Library (Grand Rapids, MI)
  *   Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston (Charleston, SC)

As of April 30, we have 428 General members, 21 Educational Program members, and 3 Registered Service Providers. If you are interested in your institution becoming a member of ArchivesSpace, please email us at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org> for more information.


ArchivesSpace monthly updates provide news about ArchivesSpace community and program activities and are sent to our member listservs, the ArchivesSpace Google Group, and SAA's Collection Management Section listserv, as well as being posted on the ArchivesSpace website. Please feel free to share this update with people you know who have an interest in ArchivesSpace but may not be on one of these lists.
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