[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Server slows down over time

Clair, Kevin kmc35 at psu.edu
Wed Apr 28 11:39:13 EDT 2021

Hi Tom,

My first thought would be to bump the JAVA_XMX up. I run my local laptop testing setup with 3 GB. I don't remember what we set the production instance at in my last shop, but it was at least 4 (and it took some trial and error to finally settle on something).  -k
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We continue our trek to get ArchivesSpace running locally. We are currently doing a lot of testing with OAI and other background activity.

What we are seeing in our work is that, over time, the server will slow down. Searches and updates which take just a few seconds after a restart later get to a point where they take 30-40 seconds or longer. Then we restart and things speed up again. I saw similar slowdowns when indexing but did not have the ability to restart then because that would have interrupted indexing.

Have others seen these types of issues?  Is this a Java thing that might be happening? Or something else. My current Java settings are the values that come out of the box:


I did increase these when I was indexing so perhaps they need to be tweaked again?  Are there ways of figuring out the proper values or is it just trial and error?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree and it is something else entirely.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have,

Tom Hanstra
Sr. Systems Administrator
hanstra at nd.edu<mailto:hanstra at nd.edu>

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