[Archivesspace_Users_Group] MySQL issue

Neal, Rick rneal at richmond.edu
Thu Oct 8 08:55:39 EDT 2020

Good morning,

I am having an issue after having upgraded our aspace instance on a new server.  I followed the instructions for the database migration and I thought everything was working fine.  During troubleshooting an issue with Preservica not being able to connect I find that while the archivesspace database is in mysql, and there is an archivesspace user with a password,  there are no grants listed for that user to the archivesspace database.  The instructions for migrating said to run the setup-database.sh script, nothing about having to grant permissions or setting the default character encoding or such.  

This is what I have done:

I log in to mysql as root with the mysql root password.
I show the databases and see the archivesspace database.
I then run  grant all on archivesspace.* to 'someuser'@'localhost' identified by 'somepassword';

It only lists the grants for the root user.  Nothing about the archivesspace database or user.
Also, again, I did nothing about the encoding when I did the install, just assuming the script handled that.

I tried changing to the archivesspace database and granting again with the same results.

One thing that I did notice as I looked in the user table in the archivesspace database.  There is no archivespace user listed when I select all.  There are the staff accounts so I know the database migration took place.  

Thank you for your assistance.

Rick Neal
University of Richmond

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