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Patricia Mitchell Patricia.Mitchell at tn.gov
Fri Sep 6 09:46:18 EDT 2019

Hi, folks! New to the listserv. I posted this topic to the Google Group and didn't get any responses, so thought I would try here.

I'm using the Accession CSV template to import accession records from our old MS Access database into ArchivesSpace, but wondering what to do with multiple extents and multiple agents. For the former, we might have a case where the extent is expressed as 21 cubic feet and 2 volumes. Is there a way to include both in the import file so that it's expressed properly in ArchivesSpace or do we just have to pick one and add the other to the record manually post-import? For the latter, our accession records have both donors and creators attached to them. I've read elsewhere that only one agent is allowed per record when importing, but this seems wrong given how important both agents are to the record. Has anyone else dealt with this and what was your solution? Did you import one agent and add the other manually for every single record? Or did you assign a user-defined field to the creator? I appreciate your help.

Patsy Mitchell
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