[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Rights Statement on public user interface

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
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Dear Freya,

Unfortunately that's right.  The rights statement records (as well as some other record types, like event records) do not appear in the public interface as far as I'm aware.  They also do not get added to EAD exports (although they could, if there were a mapping for that data).

That said, the rights metadata is still available in the public interface for display, so that data could be surfaced with a plugin with any version of ArchivesSpace.  I don't know of any plugins offhand that do that (maybe others on the list do?), but I could come up with a pretty basic one if that's of interest.

There is lots of data that can be stored in an ArchivesSpace rights statements, though (such as linked agents, acts, external documents, and notes), which makes adding them to the PUI a bit of a design challenge. I'll also admit that I'm not very familiar with those records in ArchivesSpace. Right now, we only use  notes to capture that type of information.

Which fields are you using with your rights statements?

All my best,


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Hello all,

It was recently pointed out to me by one of our team, as we rush to get content into ArchivesSpace, that the Rights Statement doesn’t show up on the public user interface.  We enter it in the Resource, mark every Publish box, and click Publish All at the end.  Everything looks fine at the staff end, but no rights statement appears for the public.  Is this the way it’s supposed to work?  Is there anything we can do so the right statement shows up, other than adding it in the Notes?

We’re using LibraryHost to host our instance.



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