[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Components Out of Order in EAD/PDF

Alexander Duryee alexanderduryee at nypl.org
Fri May 10 13:06:20 EDT 2019

After updating our ASpace instance to 2.5.0, we've started to see odd
behavior when exporting PDFs.  Components will occasionally export in the
wrong order in the PDF; for example, a recent collection exported with:

Series I
-- Subseries III
---- [...subseries I components...]
-- Subseries I
---- [...subseries II components...]
-- Subseries II
--- [...subseries III components...]

Strangely, while the subseries components are out of order, their children
are in the correct location/order!

This error has been intermittent; regenerating the PDF immediately resolves
the issue.  Unfortunately, this means that it has not been possible to
reproduce the problem.  Checking the logs, I did not see anything
indicating an error in EAD or PDF generation from ASpace.  I don't believe
that the issue is in the EAD-to-PDF stylesheet, so I'm concerned that our
EAD records may be generating with components in the wrong place in the
finding aid.

Has anyone else encountered issues like this?  My suspicion is that
may be surfacing fleeting discrepancies between our search index and
database, but it's difficult to tell, given how intermittent the issue is.


Alexander Duryee
Metadata Archivist
New York Public Library
alexanderduryee at nypl.org
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