[Archivesspace_Users_Group] I Feel the Need for Speed - Time Trials?

Blake Carver blake.carver at lyrasis.org
Fri Feb 22 10:13:08 EST 2019

A few things I've learned about hosting ArchivesSpace for over 5 years...

I've seen a bunch of the "we upgraded and now it's slow" questions, but we've been upgrading many dozens of sites since version 1.x and we've never seen an upgrade cause trouble like that. We've never had to give every site more resources after an upgrade, not even a single site. If it's slow after an upgrade, watch your logs. Is it indexing forever? Does the indexer start over every hour? You have some bad data in there someplace and the indexer is choking. I've seen this as the most common cause of "we upgraded and now it's slow", especially if you're coming from an older version to the newest. These things can be tough to track down.

2gigs of RAM dedicated to your site is probably enough, though more isn't bad. You probably don't need more than 2gigs of RAM if your site isn't HUGE. If your site is HUGE, you probably don't need more than 4gigs. If it's still crashing/slow with 4gigs, something is wrong. That's not total RAM on the server, that's in you startup options for ArchivesSpace. It all depends on how much your site is being used and how much is in there.

Rotate your logs every day, and unless you're debugging things, don't have the log level set to DEBUG. Just make it so logrotate does this for you.

Do a restart once a day or week or maybe every 2 weeks.

I like the idea of bench-marking some kind of standard page on different hardware to see how it performs, maybe even with some different version of ArchivesSpace.

Blake Carver
LYRASIS Senior Systems Administrator

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Hi Alan,

My guess is that your performance degradation was due to lack of disk space on your VM.  Restarting archivesspace resets the logfile in logs/archivesspace.log.  I've seen ours get to a couple of GBs in size and if there's not enough disk space on the system to accommodate it things will definitely slow down.  The downside to simply restarting archivesspace is that it'll clobber the log as it comes up.  If you want to save the old log data you'll need to shut down, move the old log out of the way and then start archivesspace.


Flannon Jackson
Senior DevOps Engineer
Digital Library Technology Services
flannon at nyu.edu<mailto:flannon at nyu.edu>

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 9:31 AM Huebschen, Alan M <ahueb2 at uis.edu<mailto:ahueb2 at uis.edu>> wrote:

Hi VivienLea,

I’m not sure if your problems are the same as mine, but I had to address a similar issue recently. Our instance of AS currently runs on a virtual machine with 4gb of ram and after about a month of uptime I got a complaint from our Archives about serious slow-downs. All that was needed to remedy this was restarting the AS service, something like “systemctl restart Archivesspace” in the server environment. This quickly freed up memory that was slowly being consumed over time, so in order to do this on a regular basis I set up a cron job that automatically restarts the AS service once per week in the middle of the night when nobody is using the service.

As a side note we are running v2.5.0.

-Alan Huebschen

Brookens Library

Information Systems

(217) 206-7115

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We haven’t undertaken anything like this, but are also in the process of testing our upgrade to v2.5.2 are noticing significant system slowdowns, so we’d be very interested if any other institutions have done any benchmarking around timings for basic processes, or any feedback on how to improve system speeds!



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Good morning all,

I know our installations will all be different which will impact speed, but I’m very curious about the speed of processing that folks are experiencing.  Even the most basic tasks (like clicking on a record group/collection record to open it, seems to take a bit to perform it.  My system (v.2.4.1 in the process of updating to 2.5.1) is on a dedicated cloud server and I know it can be “ramped up” to generate more speed/power,  I just need some stats/data to convince IT that the performance I’m seeing is “below par.”

Am I just being a big impatient or are other people seeing slow speeds as well?  Has anyone done any “time trials” for basic processes?  Has anyone done “time trials” for importing with the Harvard plug in?

Many thanks for any and all insights and data shares!



VivianLea Solek


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