[Archivesspace_Users_Group] adding controlled value to multipart note

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
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ArchivesSpace has a variety of "uneditable" controlled value lists that not even administrators can edit in the application (the ability to suppress unused values from uneditable lists was added after the initial release of ArchivesSpace, which is a great feature, but that won't help out for this use case).

I believe that there are 30 enumeration lists in total that fit the bill.  Since I don't know where this documented (aside from the code), here's the full list:

  *   accession_parts_relator
  *   accession_sibling_relator
  *   agent_relationship_associative_relator
  *   agent_relationship_earlierlater_relator
  *   agent_relationship_parentchild_relator
  *   agent_relationship_subordinatesuperior_relator
  *   archival_record_level
  *   container_location_status
  *   country_iso_3166
  *   date_certainty
  *   date_type
  *   deaccession_scope
  *   extent_portion
  *   file_version_xlink_actuate_attribute
  *   file_version_xlink_show_attribute
  *   job_type
  *   language_iso639_2
  *   linked_agent_role
  *   linked_event_archival_record_roles
  *   name_person_name_order
  *   note_bibliography_type
  *   note_digital_object_type
  *   note_index_type
  *   note_index_item_type
  *   note_multipart_type
  *   note_orderedlist_enumeration
  *   note_singlepart_type
  *   rights_statement_ip_status
  *   rights_statement_rights_type
  *   subject_term_type

Given that ArchivesSpace generally adheres to DACS for the rest of the "note_multipart_type", "note_singlepart_type", and other "note" lists, I think that it would make sense to add a feature request for this in JIRA.   Doing that would have an impact on imports/exports, etc., but I think that harmonizing with the current version of DACS is good goal.  I have to admit that I wasn't even aware of the conservation note in DACS, so thanks for bringing this up.


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Hi all,
I'm trying to unravel a mystery...  I'm interested in adding a Conservation note (DACS 7.1.3) to the list of controlled value multi-part notes but it seems like Multi-part notes are non-configurable, even though other categories are. I believe I have the permissions, but creating a new value for this particular section doesn't seem possible.  I just wanted to check if others experience this and if other also miss having a Conservation (different than Processing) note?  Thanks!

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