[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Viewing suppressed records permission

Hughes, Margaret mhughes at library.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 20 17:26:37 EDT 2018

Lisa, that’s it! Thank you so much for pointing me to that other setting.

It still seems a bit wonky, though. First I enabled the Show Suppressed under Global Preferences– didn’t work for other users. Then enabled the Show Suppressed under Repository Preferences – didn’t work for other users. Then enabled the Show Suppressed under User Preferences, and it is now displaying suppressed records to other users who should have permission to view them!

It seems redundant to have view/show suppressed be a global/repo/user preference setting as well as a user group permission. Also I still don’t quite get how the global/repo/user preferences defer to each other. But I’m glad to have figured this out!

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Hi Margaret,

I wonder if you need to set either the Global or Repository Preference to "Show Suppressed?" in order to view the records? I haven't had a chance to recreate your issue, but that might be at play.

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On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 11:05 AM, Hughes, Margaret <mhughes at library.ucla.edu<mailto:mhughes at library.ucla.edu>> wrote:
Hi all,

We’re having trouble with the “view suppressed records in this repository” permission. I’ve recreated it in the sandbox and have attached screenshots here. Here are my steps:

1.       I edited the Archivists of the test repository group to give them permission to both suppress the major record types and view suppressed records.

2.       I created another user called “other user” and added them to the Archivists group. (see screenshot)

3.       I created a resource called “testing suppression”.

4.       Logged in as “other user” I suppressed the “testing suppression” resource.

5.       I got an error message saying I no longer had permission to view the record.

6.       I searched for “testing suppression” and no search results display (still logged in as “other user”). (see screenshot)

7.       I logged in as admin and searched for “test suppression” and the suppressed in included in search results. (see screenshot)

Are there any other dependent permissions that needs to be enabled that could be blocking the ability to view suppressed records? Am I missing something?

I know there have been other conversations about suppression being buggy – I actually was not able to un-suppress the test resource and crashed the sandbox when I tried. I searched quickly for a JIRA ticket and didn’t see this issue. Are institutions successfully using the suppress records functionality?

Thanks for your help!


Margaret Hughes
Collections Data Archivist

UCLA Library Special Collections
A1713 Charles E. Young Research Library
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575

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