[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Imported Index - Fix or Toss?

Jaime Margalotti jmargalo at udel.edu
Thu Nov 8 15:59:33 EST 2018

Hi All,

We have a (thankfully small) number of finding aids with indexes that were
imported into ArchivesSpace and I'm now trying to decide if they're worth

For example, the George S. Messersmith papers finding aid has this index:
(The EAD is visible here:

The import populated only "Name" and "Type", striping out the <ptrgrp> and
the <ref> it contained.  I assume I could go in and add back the
information from the <ref>, but it doesn't look like there's a way to group
multiple <ref> for a single Name/Type; I'd just have to repeat it (over 30
times, for some of them!).

My gut feeling is that this is a lot of work for something that is going to
look terrible and, as such, be minimally useful.  I could just make a PDF
of the old index and link to it to preserve the information.  We've had
some uniquely formed appendices that I've already had to address that way.

Has anybody tried to fix an imported index?  If so, how and was it worth
your time?

Thanks for your help!


Jaime L. Margalotti

Associate Librarian / *Coordinator, Manuscript and Archival Description*

Special Collections and Museums

University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press

181 South College Ave.

Newark, DE 19717
jmargalo at udel.edu
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