[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ASpace PUI: "Turning on/off" an entire type of record from public view

Rachel Trent racheltrent at gwu.edu
Mon May 21 15:46:08 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

Here's a feature/functionality question. For the PUI, what methods are
available for excluding a type of record (say, all digital objects or all
repositories) from public search results? In other words, is there an
intended method for simply "switching on" and "switching off" an entire
type of records from the search results?

Here are some methods we have considered, using digital objects as an
example (but you could also switch out "digital objects" for "accessions",
"agents", "repositories", etc.):

1. *Remove the Digital Materials link from the main menu* -- Although this
is easily configurable via the main config file, it wouldn't remove the
digital object records from search results. So, it would be just a part of
the solution.

2. *Unpublish all digital objects* -- This seems to be the most obvious
solution, via the API. However, the digital objects are currently marked as
published/unpublished in a meaningful way, and we'd rather not wipe that
metadata. If we did choose this method, we would probably use the API to
export a spreadsheet of the publish metadata, store that info outside of
ASpace, and later use the API to import that metadata back in when we are
ready to "turn on" the digital objects. (Also, this method wouldn't work
for "turning off" repositories, because it would also turn off everything
within the repositories.)

3. *Suppress all digital objects* -- This would preserve the publish
metadata, but it would mean that most staff wouldn't be able to see or edit
the suppressed records. Also, some types of entities (subjects, agents,
repositories) can't be suppressed.

4. *Make configuration changes to Solr* -- Our goal is to keep
customizations minimal and maintainable through migrations, so we'd like to
stick with using the intended avenues of configuration (e.g., config file,
plugins) and avoid any "off-menu" customizations/configurations.


Rachel Trent
Digital Services Manager
Special Collections Research Center
Gelman Library,  George Washington University
2130 H Street NW
Washington DC 20052
racheltrent at gwu.edu
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