[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Test server / production server ArchivesSpace question.

Neal, Rick rneal at richmond.edu
Tue May 1 10:39:42 EDT 2018

Good morning,

I am having some ArchivesSpace issues and need some advice.

I have a test instance and a production instance of ArchiveSpace.

I use version 1.5.1 on both servers.  I use mysql.

I want to update the test server from the production server.

A.      I dumped the database with mysqld on the production server.

B.      I then ran backup.sh on the production server (thinking that I need the index) and got the OUTPUT below at the bottom.  I did not get a zip file created.  I have no idea what happened but I am concerned now that the backup.sh file did something besides simply failing to create a zip file for me to take over to the test sever.  I am concerned that if I restart the service ArchiveSpace will fail.

C.      I took the database dump and ingested it on the test server.   I stopped and restarted the archivesspace service.  ArchivesSpace doesn't show up in the browser.  I recovered from a VM backup and have no problems with the test server but of course it did not get updated.


1.       How concerned should I be about item B above?  I took the database dump so I have that but I don't know anything about whether the index is damaged or how to fix it if it is.  Again I am concerned that ArchivesSpace will not come back up if I restart the service.

2.       What is the proper process for updating a test instance?

Thanks for your help

Rick Neal
University of Richmond


[root at server scripts]# ./backup.sh --output /dir/backup-20180501.zip
Loading ArchivesSpace configuration file from path: /dir1/archivesspace/config/config.rb
Loading ArchivesSpace configuration file from path: /dir1/archivesspace/config/config.rb
2018-05-01 10:00:46 -0400: Writing backup to /dir/backup-20180501.zip
INFO: Previous snapshot status: {"startTime"=>"Tue May 01 10:00:00 EDT 2018", "fileCount"=>42, "status"=>"success", "snapshotCompletedAt"=>"Tue May 01 10:00:00 EDT 2018", "snapshotName"=>nil}; snapshot:
IOError: No such file or directory
              create at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/jruby-jars-1.7.21/lib/jruby-stdlib-1.7.21.jar!/META-INF/jruby.home/lib/ruby/shared/tmpdir.rb:0
        initialize19 at org/jruby/ext/tempfile/Tempfile.java:95
                 new at org/jruby/RubyIO.java:853
        get_tempfile at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/rubyzip-1.0.0/lib/zip/file.rb:410
  on_success_replace at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/rubyzip-1.0.0/lib/zip/file.rb:401
              commit at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/rubyzip-1.0.0/lib/zip/file.rb:294
               close at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/rubyzip-1.0.0/lib/zip/file.rb:322
                open at /dir1/archivesspace/gems/gems/rubyzip-1.0.0/lib/zip/file.rb:100
          __ensure__ at ../launcher/backup/lib/backup.rb:115
              backup at ../launcher/backup/lib/backup.rb:111
                main at ../launcher/backup/lib/backup.rb:150
              (root) at ../launcher/backup/lib/backup.rb:154
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