[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Top Containers and Item Level Descriptions

Angela Kroeger akroeger at unomaha.edu
Wed Jan 3 16:15:54 EST 2018

Hi, Lydia,

We do something like you describe. When we have multiple collections in the same container, then the container numbering follows the pattern MISC-01, MISC-02, MISC-03, etc. Searching by the MISC-XX number (with the number, in quotation marks) retrieves a list of all collections housed in that box.

As for how to keep track of our last-used MISC-XX number, we don't have a good way of doing that within ArchivesSpace. We've got an external list. Not optimal, I know. 

However, I think your "Shared Container" nomenclature would completely fix that problem. A keyword search of "MISC" without an attached number brings up too many false hits in our system, but "Shared Container" is a sufficiently unique phrase that the keyword search would zero in on just the containers you're looking for. (Wish I'd thought of that before starting the MISC numbering. :-)


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