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Just a guess, since I haven’t tested this out yet, but my hunch is that your new value is missing in the Staff Interface because there’s no translation value in the YML (Yet another Markup Language) file.  The PUI is actually using the database value for this particular element (though that’s a bug, since it should be using the translation value when one exists).  I’m not sure of how the code works, but my preference for these controlled value lists is that the “translation value” from the YML file should always be used first; if there is no translation value (which you can’t add via the staff interface, but have to add directly to the text YML files), then the value that should display in its place would be the database value.

So, just to be clear, if you add a finding aid status of “edited” to the staff interface, all that you’ve done at that point is add “edited” to the database.  To add it the YML file, you’d also need to do something like this to your locales/enum/en.yml file (or, better yet, via a YML file in a local plugin:

      completed: Completed
      in_progress: In Progress
      under_revision: Under Revision
      unprocessed: Unprocessed
      edited: Edited

Or, if you had a Swedish YML file, it might be something like this (assuming Google translate didn’t leave me completely astray):

      edited: redigerade

Again, I haven’t actually verified this, but that seems to be a likely possibility.

But regardless of the cause, it should just show up in the staff interface and public interface in the correct way, of course ☺


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Hello All,
I've recently added a few values to the finding aid status controlled value list for options that fit our work flow.  While they appear in the drop down list, and also appear in the PUI display, the status does not show up when I'm browsing resources.  If the value is one of the original values, it shows.  If the value was changed to one of the new values, it is blank.  (We're running v2.1.1, hosted by Lyrasis).
Does anyone know what's going on here?

Beth Russell
Archivist / Special Collections Librarian

University of Maine, 5729 Raymond H. Fogler Library
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