[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Digital Object vs Resource record

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We are struggling with the same issue. I'm thinking of putting a note in the digital object record that says, "see finding aid for full description." You know how when you shop online and there is a checkbox to use the same address for billing and shipping? I wish we had that here to use the same description/title/etc. for the digital object and associated resource. To make matters worse, putting the objects in another system means we have to put the data in a third place. We're using the Connecticut Digital Archives (CTDA) and I have tried exporting MODS from ArchivesSpace and importing it there, but it doesn't work properly. I haven't come up with a good solution, and I am very interested in hearing suggestions too. Thanks very much for bringing it up.


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I'm curious about how people are handling digital objects attached to resources in ASpace.  If you have created an archival object for which you will attach a digital object as an instance, where do you tend to put the bulk of the descriptive metadata?  Or do you duplicate notes and/or children in both the DO and the resource record?  How about DO's dates?  Do you tend to record only the date the digital object was created or the dates of the digitized materials within as well?

I am, of course, reluctant to have to type the same data twice.  However, since I will be publishing many of the DOs for public view, I'm inclined to want the same level of detail in both the finding aid and the digital object record.  Anyone care to share what you do in this area?



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