[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Components not displaying in one of our repositories

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Mon Nov 6 13:32:50 EST 2017

Hi Lisa,

I’ve no clue what could be causing this, but others have reported the issue as well.  Hopefully the root cause of the issue can be identified with enough eyes on the problem.  So far, I haven’t seen this happen in Yale’s TEST PUI instance (on 2.1.2) or on our DEV instance (on version 20171105-1021).

Chris Fitzpatrick started a thread on the Apace Google Groups about this, though, which might be helpful:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/archivesspace/PhgUjukaNzQ

My first inclination would be that things are stuck in an indexing loop (e.g. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/archivesspace/mRH_eCDHpwE/2fjb5EAfAgAJ), but that could be completely wrong.  In any event, can you ask someone who has database access to run this query:

select * from archival_object where root_record_id is null;

If they get any results that way, that would cause an issue.

As for whey it would happen in just one repository, I believe that once the indexer gets stuck (and it goes through the record types one repository at a time, I think) then it just won’t ever get to the rest of the record types in that particular repository.  Some of the archival objects in this repository are indeed being indexed (e.g. http://archivesspace.williams.edu:8081/repositories/4/archival_objects/10484), but not completely, since this archival object doesn’t even know which collection it’s supposed to be part of.


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Hi everyone,

Williams College is running 2.2.0 and we have two repositories publishing to the PUI<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__archivesspace.williams.edu-3A8081_&d=DwMFaQ&c=cjytLXgP8ixuoHflwc-poQ&r=7Ez68qVcrmRD6nn1FqwoHBDEOxeRUCPm3xGvnFT0zjU&m=JzBHIZxvRNvhkRySA5RldRIIZdP1kv2X96NkBAW8OIU&s=jAORfSXBDnqTaD_cf0ibihSXV3M8AJY0fAiK5Tt6Y4U&e=>. One repository is displaying resource records correctly, and the other<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__archivesspace.williams.edu-3A8081_repositories_4_resources-3F&d=DwMFaQ&c=cjytLXgP8ixuoHflwc-poQ&r=7Ez68qVcrmRD6nn1FqwoHBDEOxeRUCPm3xGvnFT0zjU&m=JzBHIZxvRNvhkRySA5RldRIIZdP1kv2X96NkBAW8OIU&s=8vtBE8ji2nrH10jpy54p5xzHPpLvPeDnVVKE971Otdg&e=> is displaying only collection-level information (no collection organization, no container list on the right side of the screen). Components also do not display in the container inventory. We've double checked that everything is published, reindexed, and rebooted. We experienced this previously, and then the problem resolved with one of the patches, and now has re-appeared. Anyone know why we might be having this problem with just one of our repositories and what we might try to address it?


Lisa Conathan
Head of Special Collections
Williams College Libraries
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