[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Encoding instances without containers

Hilton, Adrien adrien_hilton at harvard.edu
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Hi Ben and Kate,

We're making everything that can/will circulate a Top Container.

We have a number of collections with volumes on a shelf. We're marking them as Top Container Type "Volume" and Container Indicator "1" "2" and so on. Same thing for folders in a flat file. The flat file and drawer are locations (because they don't circulate) but the folder that will circulate would be Top Container Type "Folder" and Container Instance "1" "2" and so on.

Would the same work for artifact or ledger?

Best wishes,

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While we have not yet implemented container management in AS, we are looking very hard at how we might do so, and so examining the business  model in AS very closely and comparing it to our current locations and container management database, so I am really glad to see your question!

At the Harvard University Archives every such item is a "unit" (our term) and receives an identifying number as if it were a "top container" (AS term). Thus it can be tracked and moved and associated with physical locations and fulfillment requests just as if it were any other box.  If you do this in AS and create a no-container "container profiles" -- which would be a great way to find those that are more vulnerable because they are not boxed anyway -- I hope you report back on whether or not this works for you!


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Hi Everyone,

Having just recently upgraded to a post 1.5 world, we're learning more about the top container functionality. One immediate thing we noticed is that we cannot assign child indicators without creating or linking to a top container record. Which makes sense. But I'm curious to know how other institutions go about identifying locations for material not housed in a container, such as ledgers or artifacts?


Ben Goldman
Digital Records Archivist &
Sally W. Kalin Early Career Librarian for Technological Innovations
Penn State University Libraries
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