[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Agent Records Associated with Archival Objects

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>From what I understand working with AS, agent records only link back to 
'collections' if the agents name is included in the top record of the 
collection that denotes all the finding aid data, etc.. If this is in fact 
true, it seems like a shortcoming, since it would be ideal to see all the 
records created by or associated with the agent when one enters an agent 
record based on the agent being linked to such records. I have agents 
linked with most of the archival and digital object records I have 
created, and none of this information shows up on the PUI ... only the 
collection the agent is related to when the agent, again, is additionally 
linked to the top collection record. 

I am responding because I would like to see it otherwise if possible. 

Best regards,

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Apologies if this has already been addressed. 
I am working on a collection that gets heavy use by genealogists. I am 
weighing out including names within the archival description for files 
versus creating agent records and linking them to the files. However, in 
this test, I noticed that agents associated with archival objects are not 
linking back to the collection on the public interface:
Under Related Collections it says No Records. 
Based on perusing the new PUI test site, I *think* maybe this is something 
that is just not working now that will be fixed when it gets released? 
Could anyone confirm this?
I am in the midst of designing a project for students that is supposed to 
start in a week ? I?d like to have them create agent records, but not if 
it won?t display correctly?

Annie Tummino
Archivist & Scholarly Communication Librarian
SUNY Maritime College
atummino at sunymaritime.edu
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