[Archivesspace_Users_Group] issues with agent display

Sarah Horowitz shorowitz at haverford.edu
Wed Nov 2 09:23:40 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

We are experiencing several problems with agents and agent display. Has
anyone else had these issues, or can anyone suggest what we might do to
solve them?

Problem 1: For agents who are subjects and have subdivisions, the
subdivisions do not display in the published view.

Here is an example of a finding aid that has Haverford College as a subject
twice with different subdivisions:

But this is how those agent + subdivisions appear in the Published View:

Problem 2: Unable to change capitalization of the first letter for some
terms and subdivisions in subject records.

In this example, the d for description is uncapitalized in the record, but
capitalized in the display.

Here's another example:

Problem 3: The value(s) for the Dates of existence section of an agent
record do not display in the browse view of agent records nor in the agent
links. In the Dates field in agent records there is a note that says that
this field has been depreciated [sic] (see screenshot below). There is no
mention of this field being deprecated in the ArchivesSpace Documentation
or why it has been deprecated. Since the Dates of existence do not display,
it is difficult to readily distinguish between agents that have the same
exact or similar names without opening up the agent record.

Many thanks for any assistance!

All best wishes,


Sarah Horowitz
Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts
Head of Quaker & Special Collections
Haverford College Libraries
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Ave.
Haverford, PA 19041
(610) 896-2948
shorowitz at haverford.edu
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