[Archivesspace_Users_Group] white screen lock-out

Annie Benefiel benefiea at gvsu.edu
Thu Mar 31 08:49:12 EDT 2016

Hi Chris,

We're hosted with LYRASIS, too. I also experience a blank white screen when this problem occurs. In my experience with this issue, if I try to access the read only/public view of the resource by clicking a direct link for instance, it doesn't exist, just white screen. Links within AS to the resource no longer show up in searching or browsing in the public  or staff view. Other resources appear to be unaffected.  When the resource re-appears the next day or so, everything seems fine, but it's a toss-up if the data I entered just before the white-out happened has been retained or not, sometimes it has been retained and other times it hasn't. 

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Ok...so, yeah 224 should not be too much either. And, it does sound like you're using a proxy ( this is a webserver like Apache or Nginx which directs regular WWW traffic to the :8080 ports that Java uses...so not having "8080" in your URLs probably means you have one.. )

And Susan, you're hosted with LYRASIS, right? So, that will probably rule out most server performance / "we don't have enough RAM" issues. 

Trying to replicate this...Let me break this down:

1) Using the RDE, I complete 10 rows or so and hit "Save" 
  Q1) There's a period of time ( like it's trying to save)  or does it just go to white screen? 
2) White screen
4) I restart my browser, log into aspace, go back to edit the record...white screen.
  Q2) Do you know what happens if you look at the view/readonly page?
  Q3) Other records are totally unaffected? It's just that one record?

Also...anyone who can share their logs ( with a period of time where this was known to have happened ) would be great...if you do can you tell me the URL of the record affected? 


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