[Archivesspace_Users_Group] white screen lock-out

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Ok...so, yeah 224 should not be too much either. And, it does sound like you're using a proxy ( this is a webserver like Apache or Nginx which directs regular WWW traffic to the :8080 ports that Java uses...so not having "8080" in your URLs probably means you have one.. )

And Susan, you're hosted with LYRASIS, right? So, that will probably rule out most server performance / "we don't have enough RAM" issues. 

Trying to replicate this...Let me break this down:

1) Using the RDE, I complete 10 rows or so and hit "Save" 
  Q1) There's a period of time ( like it's trying to save)  or does it just go to white screen? 
2) White screen
4) I restart my browser, log into aspace, go back to edit the record...white screen.
  Q2) Do you know what happens if you look at the view/readonly page?
  Q3) Other records are totally unaffected? It's just that one record?

Also...anyone who can share their logs ( with a period of time where this was known to have happened ) would be great...if you do can you tell me the URL of the record affected? 


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Hi Chris and everybody,
Well, actually, there was one section of the finding aid which had a run of 224 sibling components (file level description), but most of the other sections are 50 or so at the most.  Do you think that could be it?
I don’t think we’re using a proxy.  We don’t have the :8080 in the URL (but I will let you know if I find out differently).
Thanks so much for your help!
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