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Annie Benefiel benefiea at gvsu.edu
Wed Mar 30 12:53:32 EDT 2016

I have experienced a similar problem using RDE (also in Chrome browser). I have found that when it happens the resource gets "locked out" for about a day, and is accessible when I come back to it the next day. Even attempting to access the resource in another browser fails (tried IE and Firefox). Not so great when you've got a lot of data to enter! In my experimentation I have found that validating the rows before saving them seems to help prevent the "lock out" problem. But I haven't exactly been scientific about it. For longer finding aids I'm using a MS Excel>EAD>ASpace workflow to prevent data loss and lock outs.

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Hi Chris and everyone,

I wouldn’t be trying to save more then 10 lines at once (referring to my earlier post about the ease of losing RDE data – which BTW has gotten better, maybe I’m getting the hang of it or maybe there was a tweak on the back end, but I haven’t lost my data nearly as often as the fall), but the white screen lock-out happens even when I erase an archival object.  It happens on a regular basis for me, where I either have to log back in to our Aspace instance or even have to switch to a new browser and try again.  I am using Google Chrome as the browser, but also use Safari if I have to.

My IT folks increased the uh – buffer (sorry, not techie) memory, but this lock-out still occurs.  When it does, their logs are not able to show the problem.

Thanks so much for any help you could provide!



Hi Lydia,

How many rows are you trying to save at once? And which browser? You might be killing your browser's javascript engine.

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Sometimes when I am inputting data with the Rapid Data Entry (RDE) tool, our Aspace instance tends to go to a white screen and basically locks me out.  I try even closing the browser window and then relogging back in, but it still will be completely white for trying to access the particular resource.  I was just wondering if this is a local problem for me, or whether it is more widespread?  Thank you so much, Lydia _______________________________________________
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