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I am happy with LibraryHost as a reasonably priced hosting service. I haven't done a lot with customiaing my instance yet, but they have been more than willing whenever I needed them--to the point of offering to just help me with the technical problems I was having with my local instance, which was really more than I could handle. Caitlin Nelson will answer any questions you have about the service, no pressure and no strings attached.


caitlin at libraryhost.com

Karen Horton, CA
Archivist, Archdiocese of Mobile

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Hey all -

We're still working on figuring all of this out, and I've been tasked with a few questions for the wider community.

Some of our initial emails with ArchivesSpace staff have included some advice for hosting providers. I was wondering if any of you use a hosting provider, and how you like them, as opposed to those who host the system yourself. How is the tech support? Is there system setup assistance?

I also understand that the pricing for the hosting providers is based on the size of the database in question - how does one estimate how much data storage  space will be needed?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Elspeth Olson
American Bookbinders Museum
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