[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Issue Modifying LCNAF Plugin

Carlos Lemus carlos.lemus at unlv.edu
Wed Jan 6 19:06:27 EST 2016

Hello Alex,

I think I was able to replicate your problem. Did you switch the plugin
name from lcnaf to lcnaf-new?

The name of the controller needs to be the same of the directory, kind of.
Here is more information on that

I would leave the name as lcnaf and continue to add your changes. If you
REALLY want to change the plugin name I would

1. change the plugin name using an underscore lcnaf_new
2. go to fronted/controllers change that file name to lcnaf_new_controller
and change LcnafController to LcnafNewController
3. you'll probably have to change the frontend/routes files from lcnaf to
4. change the config.yml also
5. and then anywhere where it is using the lcnaf controller change it to
lcnaf_new probably in frontend/views/index ( this will probably be the most
tedious, I changed a couple to test your problem and it worked for the most
part but it's possible I missed some)

Carlos Lemus
Application Programmer, Special Collections Technical Services
University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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