[Archivesspace_Users_Group] archivesspace newbie questions

Esha Datta esha at nyu.edu
Wed Feb 10 09:34:35 EST 2016

Thanks for your email. I got the gem to install as you had mentioned;
however, I'm not sure how to get pry-remote to work. I see the message:

[java] [pry-remote] Waiting for client on druby://

But, when I try to do pry-remote in the terminal, I get a bash error:
command not found. I googled around trying to see how to run pry-remote
within jruby and didn't find anything of value. These are the commands I

1. pry-remote: Got an error: -bash: pry-remote: command not found

2. ./scripts/jruby -S pry-remote. Error: jruby: No such file or directory
-- pry (LoadError)

Thanks for your help!


On Feb 9, 2016 11:28 PM, "Mayo, Dave" <dave_mayo at harvard.edu> wrote:

> Hi Esha,
> As far as running bundler, I've found that running:
> ./build/run bundler -Dgemfile=../backend/Gemfile
> from the archivesspace root directory gets the contents of that Gemfile
> installed properly.
> I'm running my devserver via `.build/run backend:devserver`.  If you're
> doing the same, `binding.pry` STILL won't work, because the backend doesn't
> log directly to console, and whatever intermediate it's using (Ant? I think
> Ant) only does output.  What I DID get working was installing the
> pry-remote Gem, and then doing `binding.remote_pry` and connecting from
> another terminal.
> Let me know if this works out for you, or if there's anything else I can
> possibly do to help.
> - Dave Mayo
>   Library Software Engineer
>   Harvard University -> HUIT -> LTS
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> Subject:  [Archivesspace_Users_Group] archivesspace newbie questions
> Hi,
> I'm a developer with NYU's Bobst Library and am new to JRuby and
> ArchivesSpace. I have to write a plugin and am trying to use pry for
> stepping through some code. I have done some rails work before and tried to
> install pry by adding it to the backend/ Gemfile
> and then running ./scripts/jruby -S bundle install. The command ran but
> didn't install pry. I then tried to install it by doing the following:
> ./scripts/jruby -S gem install pry
> That installed pry but when I tried to use it in the backend by doing
> "binding.pry", I got an error saying it's an undefined method. If anyone
> has pointers as to how to use pry in this environment, I'd really
> appreciate it. Basically, I'm trying to figure
> out what certain objects have and return in order to write the plugin.
> Also, I will need to write tests for the plugin. Sorry, if I've missed
> documentation in how to write tests for the plugin and how to run them. If
> someone could point me to that, I'd really appreciate it.
> Thanks for your time.
> Esha
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