[Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: call for planning group for ArchivesSpace Member Forum at SAA 2016

Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
Thu Feb 4 11:22:27 EST 2016

Thanks to those who have volunteered so far to help with planning for this year's ArchivesSpace Member Forum. I'm getting ready to send out a message to convene the group for the first time, so I wanted to make one more call in case there are others who'd like to join us. I'd especially encourage people who work in smaller and/or nonacademic repositories to help us in shaping this program. We're aiming to keep the time commitment for all the members of the planning group as reasonable as we can, so please just drop me a line if you'd like to be involved, even if you can't or don't know if you can be at SAA this year.


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] call for planning group for ArchivesSpace Member Forum at SAA 2016

Hello ArchivesSpace members,

Following up on last year's inaugural ArchivesSpace Members Forum, we have begun planning for the ArchivesSpace Member Forum for 2016. This event will again be held in conjunction with the SAA conference, though we're hoping to also have an online component for those who can't attend in person. We're preliminarily planning to hold it for a full day on Tuesday, August 2, at a location in Atlanta to be determined, with a program that combines workshops, unconference-type sessions, discussion groups, and program updates. Based on feedback from last year's, it will be before SAA rather than afterwards.

I'm looking for a few ArchivesSpace members to assist me with developing the format and program, organizing face-to-face and online events, and, ideally, helping with logistics at the forum itself. If you're not planning to go to SAA this year, we could certainly still use help before and afterwards, but as you would imagine it's really useful to have as many people there to pitch in on the day of as we can. The overall time commitment will be less than 5 hours a month through July, plus any time spent at the forum itself.

Please drop me a line if you'd like to be involved and let me know whether or not you plan to attend SAA or otherwise be in Atlanta on August 2. I'm aiming to convene a first (phone) meeting of the planning group in early February.

If you need more information at this point, please just let me know. Thanks in advance!


Christine Di Bella
Community Outreach and Support Manager
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