[Archivesspace_Users_Group] One Repository or Two

Riggins, Adina L. rigginsa at uncw.edu
Thu Feb 4 16:16:53 EST 2016

Would you please share if you selected a multi-repository implementation or one repository for your unit/institution? And why?

We are trying to determine what would be best for  us.

We are a mid-sized university with 3 full-time staff members. 2 people work in Special Collections and 1 works in University Archives. We are physically separated due to space configurations in the library. We have similar materials (books, manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, digital collections) and similar goals, but differing collecting scopes, of course.

We have different student workers.

Since users can search the 2 repositories seamlessly, I don't know if it matters to the user either way?  Is the primary concern, how would it affect the staff? Here are some considerations:

1. staff members would have to agree on common preferences such as default values (such as publish or not? i.e. if new records should be published by default.

2. staff members would have to share default values for things like components of identifiers and other frequently-entered data in Resource and Accession Records.  If one staff member needed to deactivate the defaults, it would affect all.

3. Users may be assigned to only one repository (i.e. student workers)  or to more than one. This could help limit access to certain repositories and reduce errors.

4. Would classifications get complicated if there is just 1 repository?

Basically, what are your thoughts on One Repository or Two? 

Thank you

Adina Riggins
University Archivist | Randall Library
University of North Carolina Wilmington
rigginsa at uncw.edu | http://library.uncw.edu/archives_special/
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