[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Deleting in Bulk From the Staff Interface

Noah Huffman noah.huffman at duke.edu
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In addition to Mark's strategy (I'd never thought of that), here's another way to batch delete components, especially if you need to search for them:

1.       Go to Browse>Resources

2.       Check the "show components" box

3.       Search for matches in the "Filter by text" box

4.       Use facets to filter results if necessary

5.       Check all the archival object records you want to delete

6.       Click Delete.


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Here's one workaround for that:

*         Add a child-level component to the resource, and name it something like "delete-me", and give it any level whatever (since those two fields are required to create a new archival object).

*         Select all of the archival components that you want to delete (you can use the shift and/or control keys to select whatever you need to select), and then use the "move" function to move them into the newly-created delete-me wrapper.

*         Then, just delete that delete-me component.


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Is there any way to delete multiple archival objects in a resource. Can you select multiple archival objects and delete them in bulk? What are your workarounds or solutions?

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