[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Approximate, Inferred, Questionable - how are you using it?

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Dear Lydia,

The supplied values for date certainty/date qualifiers come from MODS and are probably most likely to be used in conjunction with digital objects. This information can also be used in EAD (as a certainty attribute for a unitdate), but these values are not currently used in EAD exports or the public interface in ArchivesSpace.

As with anything, if the data exists it could potentially be useful in the future, but as far as I know there are no plans on the horizon for its use within the application for resources. Institutions can customize the EAD exporter if they wish to include this info. on an EAD export. The PDF uses the EAD as its basis, so you would also need to customize the PDF stylesheet to have this information display there.


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Carolyn and Leilani,
Thanks for your feedback!  Since the distinction doesn’t seem to print in the PDF version of the finding aid, and since my institution doesn’t yet been implementing a public interface, one thing I am concerned about is whether these distinctions will actually be reflected, and what sort of capabilities they can open up as far as being machine-actionable.  I’d want as many things to be as machine-actionable as possible, but I also don’t want to be duplicating more work than I have to, especially if the machine-actionable function may not be functionable.  Does anyone in the ASpace team know?  Thanks!
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