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Mark Cooper mark.cooper at lyrasis.org
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Hi Michael,

That log level setting is for the backend application only, which tends to be the noisiest by far.

For logrotate you can set the max size to something you're happy with (say 1gb, or smaller) and it should rotate the logs at that point (regardless of the time settings).

You might want to check whether you're getting a lot of bot traffic to the public ui and filter them out at the webserver level.



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we are having an issue with  the archive space logs growing quickly in size, 3 to 10gb per day.

I've got log rotate running every 5 minutes trying to keep up with it.

I have the log level set to fatal in the config:
AppConfig[:backend_log_level] = "fatal"

But it is still logging  information marked as "INFO" into the log.  For example:
2016-08-03 07:40:45.811:INFO:/:  Rendered site/_advanced_search.html.erb (3.0ms)|

Every search seems to log about 60+ lines to the log file ... Is there a way to actually limit what is logged?

ArchivesSpace has been restarted, many times, since changing the backend_log_level.


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