[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Feature request re: deleted items - thoughts?

Lora Davis ljdavis at colgate.edu
Thu May 7 16:27:07 EDT 2015


Posting here in the hopes of getting thoughts/feedback before submitting as
a potential feature request through JIRA.

For the second time now, an otherwise well-meaning, highly trained
professional staffer at our institution has accidentally deleted a resource
record.  I have a few thoughts as to why this keeps happening, and at least
one feature request is already in JIRA to address them.  Namely:

1. When an archival component is deleted from a resource record, the
resource record "refreshes" and places the user back at the top/collection
level of the record.  Thus, a user (Repository Manager/Project
Manager/Advanced Data Entry) deleting multiple archival components from a
resource may find themselves in a "groove" wherein they keep scrolling from
the top collection, down to the archival object to be deleted, selecting
the archival object, hitting "delete," and rinsing and repeating the
above.  Twice now we've had users not realize they were still at the
RESOURCE level (not object level) when they hit delete and, therefore, bye
bye resource.

2. The popup that confirms deletion is truly intended doesn't highlight
what content is actually being deleted (archival component, resource, etc.)?

Both of the above would be addressed by implementing feature request AR-1132

However, I'm also wondering about the feasibility of a feature that would
park "deleted" items (resources, objects, etc.) in a staging area before
they are well and truly removed permanently from the db.  The idea
initially came when I first contacted Lyrasis (we're hosted) to see about
data recovery after our first improper deletion.  Mark Cooper wrote back:

I can also make a feature request to ArchivesSpace to put deleted items
> into a "staging" state, where they are actually deleted (removed from the
> database) when purged via the interface or through a background job.

This could be a good model (especially as background jobs get built out
more).  In our particular institutional setting (and perhaps for others),
it would be ideal if the purge could only be instituted as a background job
by the System Administrator, but, perhaps for others, you may want it to
just be done as a regular cron job or something without user input.



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