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Hi Katherine

Currently our OH program is listed as a collection and each interview listed as an item in the collection.  I have not yet delved into instances and more specific descriptions or even determined if that is in fact the way we will leave it.  This was migrated from AT where we described the collection as a whole.

As for processing, I created an access database that maintains all that data.  The database assigns a Unique ID to every interview and within the interview every item (digital, analog, transcript) receives its own unique ID.  Information collected includes dates received, created, legal release form info, run time, formats, conversion/migration records, who did what and when.  It also includes the ability to assign keywords, based on Library of Congress and our own local listing and a synopsis field.  It also follows the editing process of the transcript, who did editing and approved it and when and allows me to close out an interview as "Archived" or "processed" upon completion.  I can also link to the digital files, keep track of when it was sent and to whom.  I also keep records of the individuals and third party vendors, contact info, relationship info, etc.  I can sort, filter and create reports to identify where in the process each OH is and what is missing; I could go on.  I can drop an interview if I am pulled away on another project and pick it up months later by just reviewing the record (I wear many hats and run from one thing to another constantly).

Most of this information is for internal use at this time so for now remains within this database.  Key information for research purposes are and will be included in the records within ASpace, such as keywords (which is what we find most people are interested in since they are usually looking through these for its content rather than processing/event information).  I hope to add instances, specifically, the original format info and available format for access and some information regarding the creation of/migration of some of the materials.

Having the processing database unique to the oral histories allows for flexibility and detailed data/event record keeping.  I created this database 10 years ago and I continue to tweak it as our needs change.  I would be interested in finding out if I can link my database to the OH listings in ASpace by linking the unique identifiers but that is for another time.

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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else was considering managing and cataloging an ongoing oral history project in ASpace.  At Intrepid we are considering how we could use ASpace to catalog oral histories on an item-level, and maybe publish them through the public interface.  Considerations include how we might link up some of the various digital files.  Maybe each oral history gets a Resource record, and under it is a Digital Object that has the AVI and MP4 file versions, with another Digital Object under the Resource record for the transcript PDF.  We are also thinking about how various parts of the project's process could be tracked in the Resource records and/or through Events- interview planning, signing of paperwork, completion and approval of transcription, etc.   If anyone has a similar project or would like to discuss these ideas, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Katherine Meyers
Collections Assistant, Archives Specialist Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

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