[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Migration error: character limit

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Tue Mar 24 15:19:59 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I wanted to revive this thread:  are others encountering the character limit issue?  if so, how are you handling it?

Also, is this something that will be addressed within the ArchivesSpace application?  There are lots of finding aids that won't always have notes that are less than 65,000 characters. Furthermore, since it seems that both the AT and Archon permitted much more than that, and since it's not a limitation imposed by the MySQL database, is there a way to identify what's imposing the limit in ArchivesSpace and see if that dependency can be removed or circumvented somehow?


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I just removed a bunch of the text before I migrated. I can't actually remember if I tried adding it back in after the successful migration or not.

If you are on SQL server, you can run something like:
SELECT * FROM tblCollections_Collections WHERE (LEN(field_name) > 65000)

If LEN gives you an error, try DATALENGTH

I think on mysql you just swap out LEN for LENGTH.


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Good morning:

We're encountering migration errors of "must be less than 65,000 characters" (TEXT field) for fields in Archon which are MEDIUMTEXT and which are quite lengthy. So far in testing we've resolved these by deleting that data. One, is there a way to migrate these large text fields, given that we were allowed more space in Archon? Two, is there a query we can do on the Archon database to identify these large fields before finding them one-by-one as errors in the migration process?

Thanks in advance!


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