[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Component reordering fix plugin

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
Thu Mar 19 10:07:42 EDT 2015

Hi, Ben,

A new release of ArchivesSpace will be issued on or before Tuesday, March 31, assuming there are no last minute barriers to that.  This release will include the contents of the last two sprints, the second of which we are in the process of concluding.  The contents of the sprints are listed here<https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1130?jql=labels%3Dsprint_one%20and%20resolution%3Dfixed> and here<https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1152?jql=labels%3Dsprint_two>.

We will be issuing at least one public release each quarter during 2015, although there may be occasion to issue more than one release during a quarter.

I am happy to report that we have nearly completed the migration of development activities to JIRA and Confluence, and I anticipate being able to announce the conclusion of that process very soon.  This migration will enable the ArchivesSpace community to participate in the prioritization of development work, as well as for the ArchivesSpace team to provide better snapshots of what work is underway and planned for the near future.

Brad W.

Bradley D. Westbrook
Program Manager
brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org<mailto:brad at archivesspace.org>
800.999.8558 x2910
bradley_d_westbrook (Skype)
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Chris and ArchivesSpace team:

I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but is there a firm release date for v1.2?

Also, I seem to recall something about ArchivesSpace seeking to adhere to a more rigid release schedule in the future. If this is accurate, where can I find more information on this? I'd like to share it with our IT staff in order to help establish long-term support commitments...


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Component reordering fix plugin

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the delay. I had some health and family issues that I had to deal with that took me offline most of this week.

I have a plugin that should fix some of the remaining component reordering issues that I have put up here:


This plugin includes code pulled from the current repository master, so all this will be included in the v1.2 release at the end of this month.

If you want to test this now, you can install the plugin following the instructions and restart aspace.

This current version of the component reordering happens with large trees that have had lots of editing and deletes.

Big thanks to Mark Triggs from Hudson Molongo for helping resolve this.

Apologize about any issues this has caused...

best, chris.

Chris Fitzpatrick | Developer, ArchivesSpace
Skype: chrisfitzpat  | Phone: 918.236.6048

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