[Archivesspace_Users_Group] assigning users to groups as repository manager

Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
Mon Jun 8 13:34:17 EDT 2015

Hi Maureen,

Have you tried doing this via the Manage Groups rather than Manage Users function? In testing this out in the sandbox just now, I'm getting your error when I try to do this via Manage Users but not via Manage Groups, and I'm wondering if that's common. 

(Also, the sandbox is on 1.2. Which version are you on?)


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Hi everyone,

I have a question about assigning users to groups. My understanding is that repository managers can assign users to groups in their repository. Unfortunately, we’ve been getting “I’m sorry, but something went wrong” errors when we’ve tried to do this.

I’ve attached a log where I’m logged in as a repository manager (cmc279) and trying to assign permissions to a user (ct524). All insights welcome!


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