[Archivesspace_Users_Group] data problem with the migrator

Nathan Stevens ns96 at nyu.edu
Thu Jun 4 13:49:11 EDT 2015

Kindly create JIRA issues containing detailed description and solution to
these problems so we can schedule and fix is needed.



On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 1:37 PM, Bowers, Kate A. <kate_bowers at harvard.edu>

>  We encountered this as well and included it in our feedback.
>  This is actually only one of a much bigger, badder assumption in the
> migration tool: if there isn't a value, the migrator sticks in the default
> value.
>  Another example: all ingested extents are considered "whole".
>  Default values should never be used as auto-fill for required fields
> during a migration. A neutral, factually correct alternative (like
> "unknown" or "unspecified") is far more helpful.
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>  Something for ALL users going into ASpace from AT to be aware of — the
> AT migrator creates a rights record in ArchivesSpace if the “Rights
> Transferred” box is checked in AT. (As I mentioned last month, it only
> brings over the rights transferred note if this box is checked, which is a
> different kind of problem).
>  Here’s what it looks like (attached, for those without in-line image
> viewing):
>  Guys, I’m sorry, but there are a ton of terrible assumptions here based
> on the presence of a clicked checkbox. Just because rights were transferred
> doesn’t mean that COPYRIGHT was transferred (copyright could be transferred
> to the public domain, for instance), it doesn’t mean that the copyright is
> still active, and I also wouldn’t assume that the jurisdiction is the
> United States.
>  I’d like to request that the AT migrator be changed to something a
> little more modest.
>  We’ve been working very hard at Yale to get our rights documentation in
> order and we’d like to keep this in ASpace. This means that I need to
> delete these often-erroneous rights records.I don’t see anything in the API
> documentation about deleting rights records — could you give me some
> guidance about the safest way to do so?
>  Thanks much,
> Maureen
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