[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Basic CSV Template question - Accessions (Archivesspace_Users_Group Digest, Vol 18, Issue 40)

Kari R Smith smithkr at mit.edu
Thu Jan 29 16:56:51 EST 2015

Thank you, Kate and Peter.  I’m looking at scripting from Bagger json (custom metadata profile) output to the Accession CSV template to see how that would move metadata along during packaging and accessioning.

Anyone with scripting skills interested in discussing what this would take?  I have the workflow and metadata flow outlined.


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Hi Kari,

We're in the middle of an Accession CSV import as well, using the template currently on the ASpace website/GitHub (https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/tree/master/backend/app/exporters/examples/accession)

A few points which might help (these gleaned mostly from Chris Fitzgerald's helpful advice, and some trial and error):

- The order of the fields is important

- We included all the fields, even if some were blank in the data rows. The exception to this was fields for Agent information; if all the data rows were blank for all Agent fields, we removed the Agent columns. Including Agent columns with no data appeared to trigger a bug and cause the test import to fail. However, we were using an older version (1.0.9), so this may have been resolved with the latest version.

- Our dates did not import until we changed the template fields to date_1_expression, date_1_begin, etc (the template uses date_expression, date_begin, etc). We also found we needed to add date_1_type and date_1_label (which appear to be required fields in the interface)

- Values in date_1_type and date_1_label should be lowercase ("creation" instead of "Creation")

- Also check the dependencies of some fields; for example, if you use extent_container_summary, you must also include extent_number and extent_type

Hope some of this is useful...good luck!


Kate Tasker
Digital Collections Archivist
The Bancroft Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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