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Conrady, Chad cconrady at mnmilitarymuseum.org
Thu Jan 29 14:59:34 EST 2015

Hi ArchivesSpace Group,

As I mentioned in my initial email on January 14, I am in the process of
writing a review for SAA’s “Archival Technologies and Resources
page.  In the first round I was able to receive only 28 completed surveys
from various archival institutions, but it was suggested that I re-open the
survey for another week to get greater feedback.

Since the review will be limited to between 500 – 700 words, my plan for
the review is to be a general review of the program, to basically take the
temperature of ArchivesSpace now (good and bad experiences with the
program), and perhaps also include a portion of where the developers would
like to see ArchivesSpace development in the next year or two.  At the
institution that I work for I am creating an archives from the ground up,
allowing me to create finding aids directly into ArchivesSpace without
having to worry about transferring files from AT, Archon, or EAD files into
ArchivesSpace.  This singular perspective, I feel, would skew what other
archives that are using AT, Archon or creating EAD files via such programs
a Oxygen would find useful. This I why I’m asking fellow archivists for
your input on what your experiences have been with ArchivesSpace.  If there
is a general consensus of archivists’ experiences with ArchivesSpace, I’m
hoping that they will come through on the survey and your responses.  The
survey consists of eight questions requiring either a short statement or
yes/no answer.

 (Sample of the questions on the survey)

   - How many full-time archivists are at your institution?

   - Has your institution adopted ArchivesSpace as the primary solution for
   creating finding aids and managing your archives?

   - How much training did you and your staff receive when implementing
   ArchivesSpace (in hours per person)?

   - Did you experience EAD or XML conversion difficulties when
   implementing ArchivesSpace?

   - Any other comments or feedback regarding ArchivesSpace?

If you would like to expand your responses beyond what is possible on the
online survey, you can always email me at chad.conrady at gmail.com (my email
address is also provided at the end of the survey too).  As the survey
doesn’t ask specifically technical questions, feel free to send me an email
about your technical experiences/feedback with ArchivesSpace.  The
ArchivesSpace developers may also send me an email about where they would
like to see ArchivesSpace in the next year or two.

The survey can be found here:

Thank you for support,


Chad Conrady, CA
Military Historical Society of Minnesota/MN Military Museum
Email: cconrady at mnmilitarymuseum.org
Phone: 320.632.7051
Web: www.mnmilitarymuseum.org
Twitter: @MNMilMuseum <https://twitter.com/MNMilMuseum>
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MinnesotaMilitaryMuseum
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