[Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: Clarification on MARCXML JIRA tickets

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At Ohio State University, we will be pursuing what sounds like a similar ingest project to the one you're investigating: ingesting MARC records to create Resources in ASpace, and then subsequently attaching EAD-encoded container lists for those resources in a follow-up ingest project.  We're very near, time-wise, to looking closely at how we'll do this, and we would definitely appreciate the opportunity to pool resources or share ideas, if possible.  (Please contact me, if this is of interest at your end.)

We, too, are wondering if any other institutions out there are looking at a similar ingest strategy?


[The Ohio State University]
Cate Putirskis Special Collections Processing Coordinator
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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: Clarification on MARCXML JIRA tickets

Forwarded on behalf of Valerie Addonizio. The ArchivesSpace team will answer about what's in JIRA and future development plans in this area, but it would be great if others would talk about their experiences importing MARCXML into ArchivesSpace to give Valerie some ideas about options currently.

-- Christine

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Subject: Clarification on MARCXML JIRA tickets

Greetings! As a relatively novice AS user I am still familiarizing myself with the varied ways information about AS is presented. On that front, I have a question regarding the tickets currently tagged "MARCXML." Hopefully this link works:


Specifically I am interested in these three tickets:

AR-924 - Review and revise import of MARCXML for resources
AR-914 - Review and revise import of agents headings from MARCXML
AR-913 - Review and revise import of subjects from MARCXML

Each of these is very broad, and each is slated for 2015_Track_Three. My roundabout question really is: does this mean a concentrated effort will be applied to the MARC XML imports, so much so that you are not creating individual tickets for individual issues, and when can we expect those reviews (i.e. what is 2015_Track_Three)?

The reason I ask is that Hopkins is very much interested in importing our robust MARC XML records into AS as resources, then importing our container lists in EAD and merging the two. Without much knowledge of MARC XML, my tech services colleagues have already highlighted a number of issues with imports/exports, potentially making the plan unfeasible. I am personally wondering if I should just wait until the functionality is at its best, which is why I'm asking what we could expect as a result of those tickets, and when.

Thank you!


Valerie Addonizio
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University
vaddoniz at jhu.edu<mailto:vaddoniz at jhu.edu>

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